Cornelius Abel

Dr. phil. nat., Dipl.-Biol.

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter





Research Interests

  • Complex sound processing in the Auditory Cortex
  • Central and peripheral mechanisms of auditory gain control



Abel C, Wittekindt A, Kössl M (2009) “Contralateral acoustic stimulation modulates low-frequency biasing of DPOAE - efferent influence on cochlear amplifier operating state J Neurophysiol 101(5):2362-71.

Abel C, Kössl M (2009). “Sensitive response to low-frequency cochlear distortion products in the auditory midbrain.” J Neurophysiol 101(3):1560-74.

Macías S, Mora EC, Kössl M, Abel C, Foeller E (2009) „The auditory cortex of the bat Molossus molossus: Disproportionate search call frequency representation” Hearing Research, In Press, Available online 22 January 2009

Wittekindt A, Abel C and Kössl M (2008). “Shifting the operating point of cochlear amplification? Impact of low frequency biasing and contralateral sound stimulation on DPOAE.” In: Cooper, N.P. and Kemp, D.T. (Eds.): Concepts and Challenges in the Biophysics of Hearing. World Scientific, Singapore, New Jersey, London, Hong Kong: 190-195


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